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The following is a copy of this twitter thread for those who don't use twitter.

I’m looking to join a company in the US that can interview me in time for the H1B visa deadline next month. role: backend, fullstack also ok. no remote. I code with voice only. open to any industry and programming language - can do low (rust/c/assembly) and high level (python/js). If you’re hiring or know someone who is, please let me know 🙂

my experience so far: I just graduated from TUM with a bachelors degree in CS. I started working in software about one year before my degree programme started. I have about a year of fulltime fullstack experience in java and vue from that period.

I then spent some time in crypto, created a guide to solana, helped teams like meteora and also worked for half a year on the solana framework "anchor" and what became the backpack crypto wallet, all this next to my studies. i talked a bit about my crypto experience on the first episode of the solana chewing glass podcast(link).

Going into my final year of university, I realised I wanted to move away from crypto and started reading a lot about biology. I then wrote my thesis at the chair of computational molecular medicine at TUM. While the excursion into biology has been fun and a bio startup is still in the back of my head, I realised I mostly want to do software engineering or AI research for some time and I think I’ll start with software engineering since that is what I already know.

Also, about two years ago i developed RSI in both arms and hands. It’s gone in the arms now but not in the hands and I cannot type properly anymore. I adapted and do 99% of coding by voice now, in combination with an eye tracker. It works well! I use talon and cursorless (check out this cool talk by the creator of cursorless). I have also built and open sourced my own tooling (e.g. https://github.com/paul-schaaf/talon-filetree) Coding speed is already fast and the tech only gets better each year. copilot helps a lot too. I wrote the code and text for my thesis with voice and build my voice tooling with my voice too. I'll probably upload a video soon of my coding something by voice!

I am looking for US jobs first because of the visa deadline but if you’re doing something cool, I’m in principle open to go anywhere. More info about me is on my website (https://paulx.dev). Will provide references upon request. cheers :)